Babalarda Postpartum Depresyon ve İlişkili Risk Faktörleri: Sistematik Derleme

2020; 31(4): 280-289
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Postpartum Depression in Fathers and Associated Risk Factors: A Systematic Review

Objective: The postpartum period is a process that affects mothers and
fathers mentally. In this systematic review, we aimed to investigate the
literature on postpartum depression and elucidate the factors associated
with depression in fathers/men; and eventually to draw attention to the
Methods: A literature search was conducted between April-May 2019
including qualitative and quantitative research articles published
between 2009-2019 in Pubmed, Science Direct, EBSCOhost, Turkish
Psychiatric Index and Ulakbim Medical Databases. A total of 18 articles
in English (n = 17) and Turkish (n = 1) were included.
Results: The majority of studies were quantitative (n=17) and 1 had a
qualitative design. 22.2% were carried out in the Americas, 61.1% in
Europe and 16.7% in Asia. In 16 of the studies, Edinburgh Postpartum
Depression Scale was used to diagnose postpartum depression in fathers,
and 4 of them assessed psychometric properties. According to the results
of the findings, unemployment, age, economic status and social support
were among the factors affecting postpartum depression in fathers.
Conclusion: Besides the factors affecting the mothers such as age,
education, social support, whether the pregnancy was planned,
parenting stress, parental stress/sense of competence, quality of the
relationship with the spouse, history of depression, number of people
living at home; factors such as housing status, economic situation and
unemployment affect postnatal depression in fathers. Since there was
only one research article from Turkey, we believe that there is a need for
research on this subject in our country.
Key Words: Postpartum depression, paternal postpartum depression, paternity, fathers.