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2020; 31(4): 259-268
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Are Personality Traits Effective in Marital Adjustment in Couples with Sexual Dysfunction? The Mediating Effect of Sexual Satisfaction

Objective: The primary aim of the study is to investigate the
relationships between personality traits, marital relationship and sexual
satisfaction in couples with sexual dysfunction (SD). The secondary
aim is to examine the mediating effects of marital adjustment between
personality traits and sexual satisfaction, and of sexual satisfaction
between personality traits and marital adjustment.
Method: The study was conducted with a total of 202 participants
consisting of 101 married individuals diagnosed with SD and their
spouses. Personal Information Form, Temperament and Character
Inventory (TCI), Golombok-Rust Sexual Satisfaction Scale (GRISS),
and Dyadic Adjustment Scale (DAS) were administered to the
Results: High harm avoidance and low self-directedness were associated
with decreased marital adjustment and reduced sexual satisfaction.
Reduced sexual satisfaction was related to the decreased marital
adjustment. According to the results of multiple mediating analyzes,
mediating effect of marital adjustment was not significant in the
relationship between personality traits and sexual satisfaction, while the
mediating effect of sexual satisfaction was significant in the relationship
between personality traits and marital adjustment. Namely, selfdirectedness predicted the marital adjustment through the mediating
role of sexual satisfaction.
Conclusion: The results of this study demonstrated that the effects of
personality traits on sexual satisfaction and marital adjustment should
be considered cautiously and in detail, especially in people with SD.
Interventions designed to improve healthy marital functioning should
include personality traits and sexual satisfaction. In the psychotherapy
for SD, focusing on personality traits and sexual functions can affect
marital adjustment.
Key Words: Sexual dysfunction, temperament, character, sexual satisfaction, marital relationship