Türkiye Psikiyatri Derneği Ulusal Psikiyatri Kongrelerinde Sunulan Bildirilerin Yayına Dönüşme Oranları

2020; 31(2): 99-105
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Publication Rate of Abstracts Presented at the Psychiatry National Congresses Held by the Psychiatric Association of Turkey

Objective: In this study we aimed to investigate the frequency and
the factors determining the conversion rate of the oral and poster
presentations into articles. Five consecutive national psychiatry
congresses held by the Psychiatric Association of Turkey (PAT) between
2012 and 2016 were evaluated.
Method: The manuscripts published in peer-reviewed journals were
identified using the Web of Knowledge, PubMed and Google Scholar
databases. The identified manuscripts were classified according to the
type of the publication, the duration until publication, the impact
factor and the index of the journal.
Results: Out of the total 1372 reports presented at the five consecutive
National Congress of Psychiatry events, a total of 297 abstracts
(21.6%), comprising 201 of the 1104 posters and 96 of the 268 oral
presentations, were converted in to publications. A significantly higher
percentage of the oral presentations (p<0.001) compared to the poster
presentations were converted into publications; and more of the
publications consisted of research reports as compared to case reports.
The mean time taken from presentation at the congress to publication
was 19.04 (±12.47) months. The mean impact factor of the journals at
the time of publication was 1.45 (±1.49).
Conclusion: Although the publication percentage of the presentations
made in National Congress of Psychiatry events held by the PAT is
similar to that of other studies conducted in Turkey, they are below the
percentage reported by similar research in the international literature.
There is a need in the mental healthcare institutions of Turkey for time
allocation to make research and for creating units that can support
researchers in the difficult process of publishing research results. Also, a
more selective approach should be adopted when evaluating the congress
presentations, and research that is considered to be of high academic
value should be encouraged for submission as oral presentations.
Key Words: Congresses, psychiatry, research report, publication