Travma Sonrası Büyüme: Gözden Geçirilmiş Son Model ile Kapsamlı Bir Değerlendirme

2020; 31(1): 57-68
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Posttraumatic Growth: A Comprehensive Evaluation of the Recently Revised Model

For the last 30 years, the conceptualization studies of posttraumatic
growth (PTG) which refer to the positive changes as a result of the
struggle with adverse events, have been continuously evolving with new
findings. In line with this empirical evidence, Tedeschi and colleagues
have proposed a revised model in which PTG is accepted both as a
process and an outcome. The roles of the concepts such as wisdom,
resilience, socio-cultural factors are explained better. As the ultimate aim
of the model, the authors suggest reaching the dimensions of PTG not
hedonistic happiness or well-being. This new model include, gaining
the wisdom that comes with the existing stress, possessing the newly
achieved problem-solving repertoire, and also re-structuring new-life
narratives, meaning of life and flexible schemas. Furthermore, the latest
research has provided us the evidence that, in the process of PTG,
paradoxically both positive (PTG) and negative changes (Posttraumatic
Depreciaton) are experienced together. But even though the difference
is small, positive changes are consistently found to be greater. The aim
of this paper is to describe the revised model with the latest empirical
findings and provide a literature review with implications for clinical
Key Words: Psychological trauma, posttraumatic stress, posttraumatic growth, wisdom