Cinsiyet Kimliği ve Cinsel Yönelim Hakkında Psikiyatristlerin Etik Söylemleri: Nitel Bir Araştırma

Şükrü KELEŞ, Ayşe Gül YILMAZ-ÖZPOLAT, Neyyire Yasemin YALIM
2020; 31(1): 31-40
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Ethical Discourse of Psychiatrists About Gender Identity and Sexual Orientation: A Qualitative Study

Objective: In Turkey, the studies that aim to elaborate on the experiences
of people with gender identities and sexual orientations incongruent
with social norms are limited both in bioethics and in psychiatry. The
general aim of this study is to provide a deeper understanding about
the value based problems related to the gender identity and sexual
orientation of the patients who seek medical advice in psychiatry
practice. In this study, psychiatrists’ discourse on gender identity and
sexual orientation is discussed from an ethical perspective based on their
experiences in providing healthcare to LGBT individuals.
Method: In-depth interviews with 35 Psychiatry residents and
specialists were conducted in the context of a qualitative field study.
The data received from in-depth interviews were evaluated using the
thematic content analysis method.
Results: The raw data received from the in-depth interviews with
psychiatrists were analyzed and the themes and the contexts were
derived. Discrimination, LGBTs access to healthcare services,
counselling practice, beneficence, non-maleficence, being empathic,
self-improvement, communicating with the family and interaction
with LGBTs are the main themes that emerged. These main themes
were handled within the contexts of providing healthcare services,
professional responsibility of the psychiatrists, physician-patient/client
and family relations. The relationship between the themes and the
contexts were interpreted from an ethical perspective.
Conclusion: The results of the study show that in the absence of
comprehensive and adequate education on gender identity and sexual
orientation, psychiatrists may tend to adopt scientifically debatable
methods in diagnosis, observation and treatment of LGBT patient/
Key Words: Psychiatrists, bioethics, gender identity, sexual orientation